Phil Emery

Director of Security & Architecture
Customer focused Architect with over 15 years experience of large Enterprise platforms. Five years of succesful Project and Program leadership experience delivering large scale Infrastructure & Technology for international Loyalty programs. Currently as Director leading the Architecture and Security organisation at PAYBACK. Enjoy breaking the mould by bringing new ideas, principles into traditional IT organisations. Devops & Delivery Transformation is the new oppertunity that needs to be taken by every organisation - water falls are pretty, but they belong in nature and not software delivery.

PAYBACK (part of the American Express Group)

PAYBACK is the leading loyalty programme and multichannel marketing platform. In Germany, Italy, India, Poland and Mexico, customers can collect points from thousands well-known companies and marketplaces offline, online and on the move and redeem these for vouchers, rewards, frequent flyer miles or donate them to charity projects. As a multichannel marketing platform PAYBACK communicates synchronously via all channels – offline, online and on the move – and, in doing so, provides the optimum combination of coverage and personalisation. Companies are able to run integrated campaigns via all available channels. They can get their message across to customers at the right time and the right place and, as a result, maximise their ROI.

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